FOSTERING - Fostering is extremely important because we are a foster-based rescue - this means we do not operate out of a physical shelter location, but rather house all of our animals in volunteer foster homes, which means the more foster spaces we have available, the more animals we can rescue! Fosters are essential to our rescue. We cover all costs necessary for the care of our animals (eg. medical expenses, kibble, litter, etc.), and only need you to provide a safe home and lots of love!

DRIVERS - We are always on the go and in need of volunteer drivers with access to a vehicle to help us transport our animals:

  • Pick-ups of new animals

  • To and from fosters/adopters

  • Vet appointments

  • Special events (eg. meet & greets, adopt-a-thons)

  • Donations of supplies (eg. kibble, litter, toys, leashes/clothing)


SPECIAL EVENTS - All hands on deck! Safehome hosts or participates in a variety of special events throughout the year (eg. adopt-a-thons/meet-and-greets, fundraisers, and pet store events). We can always use volunteers to come help us set up at events, wrangle our lovably energetic animals, and chat with/educate interested customers/passers-by.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, or if you have a proposal for any other ways you could help out.


We are a rescue run entirely by volunteers. Animal rescue is very expensive due to the vetting, transportation, and care of our animals, especially because we focus on animals who are seniors, special needs, or have specific medical needs. A lot of the costs for what we do comes out of our own pockets, and are covered by our adoption fees, fundraisers, or donations of generous kind Samaritans. Every penny of donations and funds raised go directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of our animals. (We are NOT A registered charity and cannot give Tax Receipts at this time, but do have future plans to do so.)


Monetary donations can be made via e-transfer to: Donations can also be made directly to our partner vet clinic (Beaches Animal Hospital) to assist with our medical bills by calling them at (416) 690-4040.


We are always looking for donations of new items or services that can be used for our fundraisers as raffle prizes, silent auction items, door prizes, etc. If you have something to donate towards our fundraising efforts, please contact us via e-mail. We always try to give back by having your branding visible at the event you donated to.


We are also always in need of donated items for our rescued animals: Collars (no-slip only), leashes, new blankets, pet beds, food & treats, toys, bowls, potty bags, brushes. If you have something to donate towards our animals’ care, please contact us via e-mail.