Our mission is to rescue animals most in need and to provide education and empowerment to the general public regarding the rescue of abused, neglected, and homeless pets. Although most of our work focuses on Ontario and Quebec Shelters, we also do a lot of work all across North America and abroad.


We work diligently to rescue misunderstood animals in danger of euthanasia for behavioural issues. These special pets need special people to give them forever homes after their rehabilitation with our team, who have a special touch with the most broken of animals that come through our doors.

We are a foster-based volunteer rescue group. It is only with the support of the public that we can save lives and bring love into the homes of those interested in adoption. 

Thank you,

The Safehome Animal Rescue Family ♥


Policies & Procedures

At Safehome Animal Rescue, our goal is to find the most suitable environment for each specific pet and we reserve the right to refuse anyone for adoption and/or foster homes. 

An application must be filled out for each animal so that we may review your information and decide if an appropriate match is being made for possible adopter/foster and the pet in question.

There will be reference checks and a home check done by one of our associates before you are permitted to adopt/foster, followed by a 1 week “extended visit” before any adoption is finalized. This helps ensure the right match is made, as it allows Safehome Animal Rescue and the adopter to evaluate how well the animal fits in to their new home. During that time, and until an adoption is finalized, the animal remains under the ownership of Safehome Animal Rescue. Adoption fees are due at the BEGINNING of an "extended visit" and will be refunded (minus a 10% administration fee) if the pet is returned within the first 7 days of the "extended visit".

Most of our animals are stray or shelter animals, and we do not have their complete history/background, nor can we cannot guarantee age, breed, or behaviour. However, our foster home system allows us to observe and interact with our animals in a natural home setting, which gives us a great understanding of their true personalities in a comfortable, stress-free environment, and helps us determine their needs. It is important to keep in mind that what we observe with each pet may differ from what happens in your home; you must be ready to dedicate some time helping your new friend adapt to his/her new environment. We will always be honest to the best of our knowledge about any health or behavioural issues of our animals.

We will not adopt out an animal for breeding purposes under any circumstances, so please don’t contact us if you want an un-altered pet. Our goal is to educate people in the importance of spaying/neutering.

Our adoption fees are strictly non-negotiable and non-refundable.
Upon the termination of any adoption, the animal must be returned to Safehome Animal Rescue.